The Beauty Africa.

Of the World,
We got our Africa.
Or rather for its full of life let me say “The Beauty Africa”.
A continent created to ooze greatness.
To ooze joy, merry, enlightenment,
And huhu ooze life full of opportunities, innovation and positivity.
But Oh well! Sad as it is! All this happens to be like fantasy stories, like the ones our grandmothers used to tell us when we were kids.
All that can be heard are echoes. Echoes of sadness. Echoes of hungry kids crying out loud to their mothers. Echoes of a wailing rape victim. Echoes of a poor woman suffering at the verge of domestic violence.
Just echoes of wailing and negativity from all its borders and corners!


I love Africa. It’s my home. But it causes me so much pain.

We speak of a better Africa. A collaborated one. One set onward to a particular great goal. A dream of Africa being the Bliss Continent. A paradise on Earth!

But we forget one thing! Oh well, Let me remind you. Oh poor forgetful minds.

How can this come in reality when amongst ourselves we are driven by lack of collaboration or rather hearts full of hatred.


Hatred Kills Everything.

Just a little maths here.
Lack of collaboration=Full Percent Confusion= Lack of Innovation.

Okay! Lets come back to reality.

When will the fun Africa day come?
Just full merry everywhere at the bleak of the day break. A day where we will all join hands.Like the way kids innocently do as they play outside. Irrespective of whether our hands are black or white. Just join hands in mind knowing that beneath these different coloured skin we got a similar red blood. A similar humanity. A similar heart beat.


Simunye (We are One)

And then…

Just Focus. Focus on making a great continent. Collaborate in togetherness in making a beautiful home. Focus on innovative ideas of greatness.

Working Hard. Everyone sweating out their part out. Sweating each day, not from the hatred amongst each other, not on political calamities, not from wars.
But sweating a sweet joyful sweat out. A sweat that we know amongst ourselves that at the end of the day, as the sun goes down, we would have a beautiful meal on the table for all us to enjoy and dig in.


The beauty Africa

And then…

We will sit round the fire place as we listen to sweet fantasy stories from our grannies knowing deep down we are living in this paradise fantasy ourselves.
And Africa will echo and ooze laughter, satisfaction and happiness. Kids will play out free in the sand, as mothers shake milk from calabashes and the men harvest honey. The government will be at peace with its people and the economic growth and innovation would have expounded so big than we could ever quantify in our imaginations.

A one big happy family. Simply because we Collaborated.
The Beauty Africa.

By Bredah Musili Nzuki.



The Impossible Possible.

Hey You, yes You. Stop looking back.

You winked back at me on the runway on the 11th street last Friday. You were on some nice African print shirt. Oh God! You looked so hot. Honestly.

You remember me now?! No?!

Eish! Some people can just be snobs. Anyway never mind.

I eavesdropped your conversation with your other two friends. Actually, I  listened to all of it. Yeah that’s right. Everything. I can be such a creepy sometimes. Do I have your attention now? Good.

I heard you whisper to your pals that everything on this planet was possible. You certain about that? Wait. Where the hell did you even pick that up from! What if you are wrong? What if it is just a random notion everyone easily says it out?

Easy tiger! You disagree?! Okay. What about this?

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Oh yeah! That’s right! Otherwise your eyeballs are gonna fucking fly out of their sockets.


How do you spell a sneeze?! Atishoo…?!

Jesus! You can be so predictable. So now that you just tried it out, what did you find out?

Still waiting for more prove? Funny enough I actually have quite a number!

Can you see your own face without a reflection or a mirror? I guess not, unless you have a charming friend to check it out for you.

Should I go on. I guess not.

You see! Exactly my point. I am right! At least for now that you can’t prove me wrong.

Oh Wait! Interesting!


What if I told you that actually we are both wrong?Hmm!?

Absurd right?!

What if I told you that actually all things are possible but you just don’t have to do them. At least not yet!

That they are just meant to be left undoneYeah that’s insane. I know.

Think about it though. Think about it deeply. For those who practice meditation, lemme guess, your eyes are now completely shut. Isn’t that scary though? I mean feeling like you dipped completely in this dark black evil darkness that is swallowing you up alive. Oh God! I need to stop watching horror movies. I can’t even switch off my bedroom lights at night. It is absurd! Anyway never mind.

So back to what I was saying. Check this out.

Is it possible to make all people happy?. Of course it is. I utterly agree. But the big question is do you wind up being happy yourself at the end of pleasing everyone and making them happy?

Image result for broken relationship images

Lemme guess!? You always end up alone and sad! Right?!. I mean what a waste!

And that’s the biggest problem. We forget that we can’t pour from an empty mug.
We always want to paint a good picture to others. That we are caring and kind, when deep down these people are actually taking advantage of us and eating and sucking up our own happiness. By the time you notice, you are already a dry well.

Would I be wrong if I also said “ It is impossible to make everyone happy.” ?  Of course not. I am also absolutely 100% right.

In simple words, the possibility and impossibility of things and actions all depend on the individual. It is all about the satisfactory, benefit and growth you getting from the particular action.

So my friend, yes You, I am still talking to you remember? Don’t pick up and bleed for unnecessary battles. You will end up carrying mountains that you were only meant to climb.

And Oh yes! It is possible to be happy. It is possible to be successful. It is possible!

Be Happy. Stay Happy.

The Rash of Turning 20

Turning twenty can be such a big worry to any teenage girl.

Turning 20 years is just weird. Honestly it is!

I don’t know is it the fact that you have been a teenager for the last seven years and you just not yet ready to let go of it that easily or is it all the fun and weirdo stuff you could do under the bracket that you a teenager. Or is it all the guilt and punishment you could escape?!

Oh God, its absurd.

I also don’t know. I just know that am not ready yet.

Older Sister: Yuck He is so disgusting. Yew!!! Mother: Let him be for Christ’s sake!!! He is just a teenager!

I hope you can now relate. It’s kinda sad actually that nature and time  just forces you to leave all this fantasy and wonderful life behind. Even when you not ready yet to hit the delete button to teenage life. Oh, I feel awful!

I mean what’s wrong with time. It’s always in a rush to some notion nowhere destination. I wish i could trade and negotiate with it for an extra copy of another 19 years. They say there is always a second chance to utmost everything but not when it involves Mr. Time.

Its so Ironical.

Chance itself means time. So literally second chance just means second time. Right?!

But Mr. Time cant allow that. I mean what is second chance supposed to mean even?!And who gives it? Cause I am sure Mr. Time is just too mean to do it.

Oh! Wait!

What if there is another Mr. Time Junior. The one who sneaks around and  gives people these second chances. I could write him a letter dipped with some love, he must be very lonely. Imagine living with only oldie Mr. Time in the same apartment. Sucks right?

I’m a genius. I am writing him. Mmmmh! You never know maybe this my second chance. Right?!


What’s Mr. Time Junior Physical Address?!

Oh Dear! Never Mind. Forget it. What was I even thinking?

Jesus! This was just a terrible stupid idea.

I just wish. I wish could rewind back like some mix tape. I wish. But unfortunately “If wishes were horses beggars could ride”.

I look back at my teenage years and just see a void of undone goals. Time just flew while i was counting luck games and skipping rope. Mr Time just kept on flying. He didn’t bother to wait.

I stand in front of my mirror now and i see this wrinkled skin and grey hair. I don’t know is it just in my head or is it real?! I can’t just tell the difference anymore. I am losing my memory. Is it Alzheimer’s? Oh please God, NO.

I mean, I could ask my Best friend Bisky about it, but its no surprise she would joke about it all year long. She can be such a jerk sometimes. But Oh God! I love her. I wish she knew how much.

I guess its clear, I cant collect up spilt water.

I just can’t, despite how much I wish I could. Its just one of those many Impossible things. But I thought they said all things are possible!Right? I still don’t understand. Anyway lets leave this for another day.

So, lets do it. A letter to 20.

Dear 20, I am still yet to figure out whether you are a Mr or a Mrs and whether you have a junior or not.

Yeah, that’s right. I still don’t understand you. Just give me some more time and we could be the best friends that ever lived on this planet. I promise.

There are lots of shameful stuff I have done. I am grateful for this new chance and beginnings.

Please 20, be nice to me. Don’t harass me. I am just a teenager. Oops! I meant I am just a newie recruit!!

P.S. I can be such a charm and lovely sometimes. Actually most of the time.

See you soon 20.